three babies sleeping

Timeless Monochorome Baby Photos – Rawtenstall

Monochrome Baby Photos I am always drawn to black and white baby photos. Probably because I am less distracted by the colour and can just see the baby for what it is. A perfect little newborn.  During each newborn shoot, I like to ensure I capture a number of photographs

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Lemon drizzles slices shot from above

Beginners DSLR course

Who is it for? I have recently released a beginners course which is perfect for those who own a DSLR camera but would love to know how to use it of the ‘auto’ settings. Aimed at beginners, I will explain how your camera’s settings work together to expose an image,

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Siblings sat in a row smiling in colour

Sibling Photos

Sibling Photos What’s not to love about photographing a sibling shoot? I love to see how they interact with each other during a shoot. All with different personalities. It makes for a fun and interesting session.  Kelly booked a sibling shoot with me recently for her three daughters because they

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Newborn Photography -Harriet

Baby Photography Capturing those precious, early moments of your baby is one of the greatest and most beautiful parts of being a professional photographer. Creating exquisite, timeless portraits that a parent can cherish forever is a pure delight.  Your baby is only this tiny for a very sort period of time

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Let them be bored….!

“I’m so bored” Why bored is good. No, really. There’s a lot of pressure on parents these days. Childhood is no longer all about building dens and ‘playing out’ for hours on end. It’s about after school activities, soft play centres, endless ‘experiences’. It’s about gadgets and wall-to-wall TV, targeted

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An intimate Lakeland Wedding

 An quaint Lakeland wedding When Heidi contacted me to discuss the possibility of me capturing her wedding in a pretty quaint Lakeland village, I immediately hoped that she would choose me for the job. I love photographing small intimate weddings; friendly, relaxed with the focus on time with loved ones.

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baby photo shoot ramsbottom

Baby Photos – Finlay

Finlay As well as a baby photographer, I love to get my sewing machine out and often make my own baby photography props. Which is how I met Finlay’s mum, at a friend’s sewing studio, Stitch. We are both very creative, loving to sew and make things.   So when Finlay’s

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baby photos ramsbottom

A glimpse inside my home

 Where I work: a glimpse inside my home (and office, and studio…) I don’t know about you, but I love seeing inside other people’s homes. Being a visual type of person I like to look for ideas and inspiration, but there’s also – admittedly – an inherent curiosity (a far

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