Personality Portraits!

Baby Photography – All about their personality!

If, like me, you love natural, fresh looking baby portraits with no fuss, then you will love these Personality Portraits!

Designed to capture nothing but pure personality, these minimal sets leave out all of the distraction so that you can soak up all of that baby goodness your little one has in bucket loads!

Natural, unposed photographs are a great way of recording this fun, curious and cheeky chapter of your baby’s life, especially as they grow up so fast!

Gorgeous, natural baby photos you will treasure forever. 


There is something truly beautiful about natural baby portraits – photographing a baby in the simplest way, with minimal props. Just focusing on all that baby perfection with a natural portrait.

These shoots have become very popular for me now and it’s the style I am probably most well known for.

🖤I loved the finished result so much that I too have a display in my studio.

🖤My vision is to create timeless memories that capture your baby as they are right now. Super smiley and happy. The focus is on expressions and personality. What is not to love!

🖤What really draws me to this type of shot is the simplicity. Mums, you will look at these memories in 10, 20 years time and just see your beautiful baby. No props, no distracting colours, and no forced poses. Just simple, natural expressions full of happiness!

🖤Baby teeth and that adorable fine wispy baby hair is enough to make me want to do .

Let’s chat about your natural baby portraits and let me help you to create your vision of just how you would love to capture your babies memories.

These sessions are suitable for babies from 6+ months upwards.

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