Cake Smash Photography

A Cake Smash photography session is a great way to capture your baby’s curiosity and unique personality as they explore in a carefree environment. It’s another of the many milestones in your baby’s life, and a great addition to your gallery of baby photos, from newborn, to sitters sessions and now Cake Smash photos.

When should I book a cake smash session?

These super fun Cake Smash photography sessions for you and your little ones to enjoy are usually booked to mark a milestone birthday. Your little one gets the opportunity to make a mess with a beautifully decorated cake and you get to treasure the memories forever. It may be that you choose to book it slightly before your baby’s 1st birthday, so you can use the photographs on the party invitations or thank you cards.

Do I need to bring anything?

We will discuss expectations prior to the session, where you can let me know of any specifics requirements you may have. You’re advised to bring a couple of outfits for the photos, but also a change of clothes for both you and your baby to go home in once the session is over, as a Cake Smash can obviously create a lot of mess. (Also, something to put your messy clothes into, like a plastic bag, may also be worth bringing). Baby wipes will come in very handy as well, and don’t put your baby in any outfits you would be upset about if they got ruined.

Where does the session take place?

The cake smash photography session takes place at my studio in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. My studio is a safe place for you and your baby, and has somewhere for you to sit back and relax, enjoying your baby’s expressions and poses. (Although, you may also need to be involved in getting their attention and settling them at times.)

Who provides the cake?

I can arrange for my local baker to provide the cake for you for a small charge of £30. You can also provide your own cake if you prefer, just let me know what colour scheme you decide upon so we can ensure we plan the set to complement it. 

What happens during the session?

I usually start by taking photos of your baby “pre-smash”, while they are cake free and with the cake still in one piece as part of the backdrop. I then introduce the cake and we get to watch the excitement and delight on your baby’s face as they taste the cake for the first time, as well as their sensory experience of squishing it between their fingers.

What happens after the session?

Following your Cake Smash session, I will carefully select and edit the very best images to create your final gallery. Approximately 7–10 days later I will invite you to return to my Rawtenstall studio to view your gallery and show you sample products that you may wish to purchase.

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