Capturing Milestone Moments: Beyond the Newborn Photography Stage (Rawtenstall and Bury Baby Photography)

Missed the newborn photography window, but still want beautiful portraits of your precious little one?  Or are you ready to capture the next stage of your baby’s development, stunning baby photography goes far beyond the first few weeks. As a baby photographer near Bury, I specialise in capturing the magic of your growing baby at every exciting stage.

Beyond the Newborn Bubble: Bury Baby Photography Ages 3-6 Months

Once a tiny newborn, this new period is a time of incredible development in your baby’s life. Cue your baby’s personality, capturing those first smiles, giggles, and attempts to reach out and explore every part of their environment. 

3-6 month milestone photography: Capture those “can’t miss” moments like holding their head up unassisted, rolling over, and sitting up for the first time. 

Tummy time milestone photoshoot: Let’s create adorable photos of your baby exploring their world on their tummy. Capture the determination in your baby’s eyes as they prop themselves up during a playful tummy time photo session!

Sibling Photography that captures love and connection: If you have older children, we can capture the precious bond between them. 

Celebrate Sitting Baby Milestones: Bury Baby Photography Ages 6-9 Months

Your baby’s journey is filled with incredible “firsts,” and mastering the art of sitting independently is a big one! 

More Than Just Sitting Pretty!

My sitter sessions go beyond capturing your baby perched proudly. I create playful and engaging environments that bring out their personality and spark genuine smiles. Here’s what you can expect from a baby photography session:

  • Milestone magic: We’ll document this exciting developmental stage with beautiful photos that showcase your baby’s newfound skills. 
  • Natural, playful portraits: We can capture the pure joy and wonder of your baby in a beautiful, soft set-up which puts the focus on your gorgeous smiling bundle.

These precious photos will become cherished keepsakes, reminding you of this special time for years to come. I offer a variety of sitter session packages to fit your needs and budget.

Ready to Capture the Magic? 

Contact me today to discuss your vision and book your sitter photography session! We can’t wait to meet your little one and capture their infectious smiles and newfound independence. 

This exciting milestone sees your baby mastering the art of sitting independently, bringing a wealth of gorgeous photo opportunities.

Bury Newborn and Baby Photographer: Capturing Every Stage

Whether you missed the newborn window or are looking to capture the next chapter in your baby’s journey, I am here to help! Contact me today to discuss your vision and book your session. 

Whether or not you’ve had a newborn photography session, each milestone throughout your baby’s development feels like you’ve blinked and they’re onto the next. So what better way to capture their start of independence than with an Older Baby Session (sometimes known as a Sitter Session because they take please around the time your baby begins to learn to sit), a beautiful addition to your gallery of baby photos.

Does my baby need to be sitting?

All babies are different and achieve milestones at different ages. Around 6-12 months old, your baby is likely to be sitting confidently and unaided, and may even have mastered the art of crawling. Don’t worry if your baby has a dislike for being on their tummy or on their back, or prefers not to sit and would rather lie down. I have worked with so many babies now and I have found the perfect way to position your baby depending on their preferences so that we get beautiful photos for you every time. 

This is the perfect time to shoot Older Baby Photography sessions. I have welcomed many babies to my Rawtenstall studio and I can say that older babies are some of my favourite to photograph. I have developed a lovely set of poses that work every time to ensure you receive a full gallery of smiling, happy and fun photos of your baby. 

Before you come to your session, we can have a chat about the types of colours you love so that I can prepare an older baby session that is unique to you. All babies are different and it’s nice to reflect that in each and every session. You may wish to ask about what outfits to bring for your baby to wear, some people bring a selection and we work with one or two of those. Babies tend to have a dislike to getting changed too much, as you have probably already discovered!, so two is the maximum I would recommend. 

Where does an Older Baby session take place?

The session takes place in my relaxing and comfortable studio in the Rossendale Valley in the beautiful little town of Edenfield, Lancashire.   

Working in Rawtenstall also means we are on the doorstep of so many stunning Rossendale beauty spots should you decide you’d like your baby’s session to take place outdoors instead. I can recommend a long list of places we cause that are assort drive away. Just let me know your preference and I can take all of my studio lighting on location with me. 

What happens during an Older Baby session?

Older Baby Photography lasts up to one hour. Plenty of time to photograph those fabulous giggles before they get bored! They are great fun with tonnes of laughter and finding new ways to coax those gorgeous giggles out of your baby. The results are always fantastic! 

Feel free to bring along a favourite teddy or toy you know you baby loves.  Oh, and bring along your best singing voice too as I have noticed that babies tend to smile ALOT when their parents sing to them! I never tire of seeing all of the many ways that parents encourage their babies to smile. It’s my favourite part of the session!

I have a variety of backgrounds and props we can use to compliment your baby. I use one or two backdrops and change the props as we go along . It all happens very efficiently because time really is of the essence when photographing older babies. They are still very young and tire quite easily, and unlike newborn baby photography, older babies tend not to sleep!

After the session:

Following your session, I will carefully select and edit the very best images to create your final gallery. Approximately 7–10 days later I will invite you to return to my Rawtenstall studio to view your gallery and show you sample products that you may wish to purchase.