7 Top Tips to Help You Choose Your Cake Smash Theme

Create an awesome cake smash shoot for your baby with my top 7 tips as a cake smash photographer

    Cake smashes are THE ultimate way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday and are massive fun for babies and parents alike, but just like trying to choose what you should pack in your holiday bag, choosing a cake smash theme can be daunting! There are a gazillion styles to choose from so let your imagination run wild and free and have a blast choosing something unique to you.

    If you need inspiration, or don’t know where to start let me know and I will set you on the right path. Let’s dive in to my top 7 tips to help you choose the perfect cake smash shoot.

    Top 7 Tips for the perfect cake smash

    1. 1. What do they love? This is a great place to start as kids are into all sorts of things, and even at such a young age they will be developing strong interests. Think about what your child enjoys, such as their favourite toys, characters, colours, or activities. If they have a particular favourite cartoon character, animal, or hobby, you could incorporate that into the theme. Cake smash shoots can easily be adapted to suit a particular theme and cake bakers are very talented these days!

    2. 2. Seasonal birthdays: This is an easy one, if your child’s birthday falls on and use an existing theme linked to the season. For example, pastel colours for spring, a beach theme for summer, a pumpkin patch theme for autumn, or a winter wonderland theme for winter. All would make for a fabulous cake smash shoot. One of my regular clients springs to mind here, she adores all things Halloween so we often theme her shoots to fit in with this.

    1. 3. Family interests: If there’s something that is meaningful to your family or a shared interest, it could work really well. For example, if you love travelling, you could have a travel-themed cake smash with a globe and suitcases, or if you love the outdoors you can opt for some greenery and florals or maybe you are a family that loves all things space, fishing or the beach.
    2. Be Inspired!

    3. 4. Pinterest and online inspiration: Scour the likes of Pinterest or other online platforms for cake smash theme ideas. You’ll find a plethora of creative themes that can inspire you and even be adapted to suit your preferences. I find it really helpful when searching for cake ideas to send to my baker for inspiration.

    4. 5. Colours and aesthetics: Consider using colours that complement each other. Bright and vibrant colours often work well for cake smash photoshoots as they capture the feeling of fun. Using the same tones throughout the set (and outfit) can make for a very classy cake smash. Or you could opt for a fruity theme, for example, you could choose an orange background and have fresh oranges and orange themed props.

    5. 6. Timeless: One of my favourite cake smash shoots was a white set with white balloons and a white cake. It was so classy and timeless, one that will never date and will look great whatever your home decor.

    6. 7. Matching outfits and props: Once you’ve chosen the theme, consider getting matching outfits and props that go with the theme to enhance the overall look.

    7. Choosing Your Photographer

    8. Finding the perfect cake smash photographer is like finding the cherry on top of the cake – it’s crucial to capture those precious moments just right! I don’t know about you, but I am a serial review seeker and rarely purchase anything without reading the reviews first, so that’s my top tip. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

      Ask around for recommendations from other parent friends. Chances are, you know someone that has been there, done that and can point you in the right direction. Plus, you will be bale to ask how the cake smash went and what to expect, as well as looking at the resulting images to help you decide if it’s the right photographer for you.

      Next, head over to social media and check out some portfolios of photographers in your area. You want to find someone whose style matches what you envision for the shoot. Remember, this is all about capturing your baby’s personality!

      Once you’ve shortlisted a few options, reach out to them and ask about their experience with cake smash sessions and see if their vibe clicks with yours. You want someone who’s fun, patient, and knows how to handle those adorable (but sometimes unpredictable) little ones.

      Don’t forget to discuss the practical stuff like the location, props, and any special ideas you have in mind. You want your baby to have a blast smashing that cake, so make sure the setup is just right, and remember to book in advance! Good cake smash photographers are like hot cakes (pun intended), and you don’t want to miss out on your chosen one. 🎂📸🎈

    9. Wondering about what outfit to bring?

    I have seen every kind of outfit here so here is a quick run down for you:

    1. Nappy cover or bloomers: A popular and practical choice is to have your baby wear a cute and colorful nappy cover or bloomers. These allow easy access to the cake and make clean-up much more manageable.

    2. Tutu: Tutus or ruffled skirts are super cute and perfect for girly girls and can be paired with a matching headband or hair bow.

    3. Onesie or bodysuit: Probably my absolute fave as I love simple styles – A patterned or themed onesie can be a simple and comfortable option. Look for onesies that complement the cake smash theme or feature cute phrases like this one here.

    4. Braces shorts or chinos: For a more dapper look, consider dressing your baby boy in shorts or pants with braces and paired with a bow tie or necktie.

    5. Tutu dress: If you prefer a dress for your little girl, a tutu dress in a matching theme or color scheme can be an adorable choice.

    6. Rompers: Rompers or overalls with cute patterns or prints can create a playful and casual look for the cake smash session.

    7. Personalised outfit: Consider customizing an outfit with your baby’s name or age, making the photos even more special.

    8. Bare baby: If you prefer a more natural and minimalist look, you can let your baby go au naturel, wearing nothing but a nappy for the cake smash. Just be prepared for a messy but adorable experience!

    Regardless of the outfit you choose, ensure that it is comfortable and allows your baby to move freely. Additionally, consider the colours and patterns of the outfit, making sure they complement the overall theme and setting of the cake smash.

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