What Should I Take To My Newborn Photoshoot

Expert Advice from a Newborn Photographer

    Do you want to book a newborn shoot for your baby but haven’t a clue what you might need to take with you?

    Any baby photographer will tell you that when attending a newborn photoshoot, there are a few items you can consider bringing to help ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for both you and the baby.

    Firstly, it’s always a good idea to have extra nappies and wipes on hand. Newborns often need frequent nappy changes, and having extras ensures that you’re prepared for any unexpected situations that may arise during the session.

    An extra vest or two is a wise choice for the baby. Accidents can happen during a newborn photoshoot, such as nappy leaks, and having spare clothing will help you quickly address any mishaps.

    If you’re bottle-feeding, make sure to bring enough formula or breast milk for the duration of the session. Additionally, pack any necessary feeding supplies such as bottles and a bottle warmer if needed. 

    Dummies can be helpful for soothing the baby and keeping them calm during the session. If the baby uses a dummy, bring a few extras in case one gets misplaced or falls on the floor.

    Having a few muslin cloths on hand is advisable as well. Newborns often spit up or have small accidents, and having muslin cloths readily available will save you necessary outfit changes!

    Since newborn sessions can be lengthy, it’s important to stay nourished and hydrated. Pack some snacks and a water bottle for yourself to keep your energy levels up throughout the session.

    Consider bringing any comfort items that the baby is familiar with, such as a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. These items can help the baby feel more at ease during the session.

    Lastly, if you have any specific outfits or props you’d like the baby to wear or be photographed with, you can discuss this with me beforehand and bring them along to the session. I will always do my best to incorporate them into the session appropriately.

    If you book a newborn photoshoot with me, I will provide specific instructions or recommendations for what to bring. 

    Newborn Outfits and Props 

    Newborn photographers often use a variety of props to enhance their photography sessions and create adorable and memorable images. These props help create a comfortable and visually appealing environment for the newborns, allowing photographers to capture beautiful moments during the session.

    One essential prop is wraps and swaddling blankets. These soft and stretchy fabrics are used to wrap the newborn snugly, providing a sense of security and creating a cozy atmosphere. Wrapping the baby helps to highlight their small features and create a peaceful and serene mood in the photographs.

    Another common prop is hats and headbands. These accessories can add a touch of style and personality to the newborn’s look. Photographers often use hats and headbands adorned with flowers, bows, or other embellishments to create a charming and visually interesting element in the photos.

    Baskets and crates are also popular props in newborn photography. These props serve as a comfortable and safe space for the newborn to be posed inside. They can add a rustic or vintage feel to the photographs and create visually pleasing compositions.

    To provide a soft and textured surface for the newborn to lie on, photographers often use faux fur blankets. These blankets not only add warmth and coziness to the images but also provide a visually appealing background that enhances the overall composition.

    Newborn photographers may also have wrinkle-free fabric backdrops. These backdrops, usually colorful or patterned, provide a seamless and visually appealing background for the newborn’s portraits. The right choice of backdrop can help set the mood and enhance the overall aesthetics of the photographs.

    Additionally, some photographers may have props specifically designed for thematic setups. These props could include mini beds, flower crowns, angel wings, or miniature outfits. Thematic setups can be used to create unique and memorable images, especially for special occasions or holidays.

    It’s important to note that newborn photographers prioritise the safety and comfort of the newborns. They will typically use props that are specifically designed for newborns and ensure that they are used safely and responsibly during the photography session.

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