Baby girl sitting up next to a cake and balloons and smiling with excitement.

Tips for a memorable first birthday party!

Your Baby is ONE!

For any first timers to the birthday party circuit, picture the scene, you’re excited to be holding your baby’s first ever birthday party and you want to plan it down to every detail so that it’s PERFECT. You may have attended a few baby parties already, and now you’re ready to take the birthday party baton. You’ve chosen a theme and have coordinated the invitations, decorations and activities.

You’ve ordered a fabulous cake, a beautiful balloon arch and a matching bouncy castle (have you seen the white one?! So classy!) and the most beautiful array of healthy snacks, to complete your party decor. Let’s face it, the kids won’t be eating any. 

All that’s left to do now is let your visions of happy babies smiling and having fun, and amazed parents envious of your event planning and hosting skills, come true. 

Let Me Entertain You!

But, let’s not forget that hosting your baby’s first birthday means spending a good part of the day with an array of toddlers, or ‘little darlings’ as they are sometimes known. This is likely new territory for you in your role as party host. And as any parent quickly discovers, one year olds have a habit of throwing a spanner in the works, so you need to be armed and ready, and that calls for entertainment. So, let’s take a look at some options you could consider:

  1. You could hire a professional puppeteer to put on an interactive puppet show. The trick here is to  find one that is engaging and entertaining for both the little ones and the adults. Giving you ample to find a quiet corner and take in a quick nap. Choose your puppeteer wisely, patience and stamina are a must.
  2. Why not book a bubble performer who can create a magical and mesmerising bubble show. They can blow giant bubbles, create bubble sculptures, and to be honest, if they can mesmerise children what are you waiting for? Anyone that can engage a toddler for more than 5 minutes they are worth their weight in gold, quite frankly.
  3. How about a session of musical playtime where a musician or entertainer leads the children in singing and dancing to catchy songs. I mean, who doesn’t love a catchy children’s song?  They can even play simple instruments, use props like ribbons or scarves for movement, and engage the children in interactive music activities, if your ears can take it. 
  4. You could set up various sensory play stations where your little ones can explore different textures, materials, and activities. Any mum knows just how much children love squishing things up in their little hands and smearing it as far and wide as possible. Create a soft play area with plush toys and cushions, a water play station with shallow containers and floating toys, and a sensory table filled with coloured rice or sand for tactile exploration. Then simply sit back and watch them play, like little angels. Do this in your home for the full ‘immersive’ experience. 
  5. Book a cake smash and splash: If you love the sound of any of the activities above but don’t fancy the hours of cleaning up afterwards, bring them to me and let them celebrate with a messy cake smash and splash. All the fun of the activities above captured on camera and you can just walk away from the mess once we are done. 

Most importantly, enjoy the celebration and capture precious memories of your child’s first birthday!

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