Newborn Photography

Congratulations! You must be expecting a baby!  Which means you are here to find out more about a newborn photography shoot. Wondering when is the best time to book your shoot? My advice is to book as early as possible into your pregnancy. Around the date of your 20 week scan. Once baby is born we can then agree on a final date for your shoot. One of the best bits about the experience is deciding on the colours, fabrics and poses you love before you arrive.

When does the session take place?

When baby is between 5 days and 4 weeks new.  Often, babies tend to be very sleepy during these early weeks allowing me to create beautiful memories of your baby that you can cherish forever.

What happens during the session?

Throughout the session, it’s normal for me to work through a number of set-ups using a variety of props, blankets and outfits. Aiming to capture both sleepy and awake shots for you, using some gorgeous props from the best UK suppliers. My favourites include Baby Prop ShopDutch StyleProps for Photographers. Sessions usually last between 2 – 4 hours, so, sit back, enjoy a hot drink, and relax whilst I am busy capturing some beautiful memories. 

What happens after the session?

I will edit the very best images of your tiny newborn to create your final gallery before inviting you back to the studio for your ordering session. There are sample products for you to view , for example, USB presentation boxes, frames, canvasses and mounted prints. I can spend time helping you to choose what products will look amazing in your home.