Sitter Photography

Let me explain exactly what a Sitter Photography Session is. It feels like you’ve blinked and your tiny newborn baby is now a joyous, happy, smiling, giggling little human. they are discovering the world around them and are keen to explore every bit of their world. Usually with their mouth!

At around 6-10 months old, your baby will be able to sit confidently and unaided, but will not have mastered the art of crawling. It’s at this stage that we shoot Sitter Photography sessions.  The sessions are great fun, there is tonnes of laughing and coaxing those gorgeous giggles out of your baby. The results are always fantastic! You may even decide to opt for a Cake Smash Shoot instead! 

I select only the best suppliers for studio props which include, Creativity BackgroundsDesigned By Sisters and CwtchiCoo

Following your session, I will carefully select and edit the very best images to create your final gallery. Approximately 7–10 days later I will invite you to return to my studio to view your gallery and show you sample products that you may wish to purchase.