Siblings sat in a row smiling in colour

Sibling Photos

Sibling Photos

What’s not to love about photographing a sibling shoot? I love to see how they interact with each other during a shoot. All with different personalities. It makes for a fun and interesting session. 

Kelly booked a sibling shoot with me recently for her three daughters because they hadn’t had professional photographs taken since before their youngest daughter was born. They now wanted to update the photographs in their home, so Kelly got in touch with me through my website. As soon as I spoke to Kelly on the phone I knew that it would be a great shoot. The girls were at a great age to be able to take instruction which means I can work quickly before they lose interest!What an absolute dream they were to photograph.

What to wear? 

Clients often ask me what to wear for a shoot. Depending on the look we are trying to achieve, I will provide advice on colours, patterns and outfits to complement. They girls arrived with a couple of different outfits and I quickly got to work. Arranging them on the backdrop (which is from my favourite supplier – Baby Prop Shop) and capturing their different personalities and their bond.

The eldest daughter has the most amazing red hair and, quite frankly, is one of the most photogenic people I have ever had in the studio. Just beautiful and a little model in the making.

Sibling Redhead teenager standing looking at camera

The middle daughter had given herself a little haircut prior to the session which resulted in a tuft of hair that was once a fringe!

Sibling Young girl stood smiling at camera


The youngest daughter was a cheeky little character that had us all laughing several times throughout. 

Sibling Young girl looking straight at camera


When photographing sibling groups I like to photograph each person individually, then the whole group and then as pairs. It gives you, the parents, variety in the final set of images and allows you to create beautiful sets of photos to display in your home. you can see more from this gallery here and below. 

Young sibling girl standing looking at cameraSiblings sat in a row smiling in colour

Sibling sat on chair looking at cameraSibling sat on a stool laughing