Newborn Photography – Oliver

Newborn Photography – Oliver!

I welcomed baby Oliver and his new parents into my Rawtenstall studio recently for his newborn photography session! It was the first time I had met this family, but they already knew about me. I like to ask clients where they found me because it really helps me when it comes to marketing my business.  As a self-employed, one woman band, it can be tricky getting all of the aspects of my business to work for me, and especially when it comes to the dark art of marketing! So, I was thrilled to hear that one of my regular clients had recommended me 🙂 A family I have photographed many times.

The Day of the Photo Shoot

Prior to a newborn session, I like to ask the parents to send me some screenshots of my photographs they would like me to try to recreate. This allows me to arrive at the studio beforehand and set-up the props and blankets we will aim to use so that I can flow from one set to the next without disturbing your little one too much. Newborn photography is a different experience for everyone, as they are very much baby-led. Often involving lots of feeding, winding and nappy changing, I work with your baby to provide a relaxing and enjoyable photo shoot. 

Oliver, however, made it very easy for me that day! Mum said he was a great sleeper in the day, and she wasn’t wrong. He slept for the whole session!

I often hear from mums that their baby sleeps a lot during the day, and this is true, babies do tend to be more sleepy in the daytime during those early weeks until they start to make the switch to sleeping more at night. During a newborn photography shoot, they can often be a little more wakeful. Mainly due to the fact that I will be moving them around the set and swapping wraps and outfits. It is quite common for babies to want to feed a little more during a shoot and they do sleep a little lighter than normal. But whether your baby is sound asleep, or takes a little more encouraging, you will still leave with a beautiful gallery of photographs to treasure. 

Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire




Newborn baby boy asleep on a fur rug
Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Baby boy asleep in mum and dads hands
Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Newborn baby boy yawning
Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Baby boy asleep I a striped sleepy set
Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire
Newborn baby asleep in a bed
Newborn photo shoot Rawtenstall, Lancashire

Get in Touch

If you are considering booking a Newborn Photography Session, or would like to view more of my work then visit my website or email me at

I have a wonderful selection of backdrops, props, and outfits for you to choose from. I regularly invest in adorable new seasonal props, or make them!

This age is such a wonderful time to capture beautiful portraits of your children while they are still so tiny.