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Capturing Life’s Little Miracles: A Newborn Photography Blog by Summer Johnston Photography, Rawtenstall, Bury.

The Whisper-Quiet World of Newborns: Capturing Life’s Earliest Days

There’s a hush that falls in a room cradling a newborn. A soft symphony of breaths, the gentle rustle of a tiny hand, the rhythmic thump of a sleeping heart. It’s a world unto itself, one filled with quiet awe and a fierce protectiveness that washes over new parents. As a newborn photographer, I get the privilege of stepping into this hushed world, not to disrupt, but to capture its fleeting beauty for eternity.

Beyond the Cuteness: A Celebration of Family

Yes, newborn photography is about capturing those impossibly tiny fingers and toes, the cotton-soft skin, and the perfect little button nose. But for me, it goes beyond the undeniable cuteness. It’s about celebrating the arrival of a new life, not just the baby itself, but the transformation of a couple into a family.

The Tender Embrace of Family Photographs

The image of a father, his feelings of protection already visible, a mother gazing at her sleeping babe with love that seems to overflow, these aren’t just photographs; they’re stories. They tell the tale of a bond just beginning to blossom, a love fierce and unconditional.

A Tapestry of Emotions

My camera doesn’t just capture smiles (though those are precious too!). It captures the raw emotions that come with parenthood – the exhaustion tinged with wonder, the worry laced with joy, the overwhelming sense of responsibility intertwined with an unyielding love. These are the moments that become treasured memories, a reminder of the journey you embarked on together.

Weaving Your Family’s Story

During our sessions, I create a safe and comfortable space for families to relax and bond with their newborn. We can capture the intimacy of your new relationship and document the earliest days of your family’s story.

More Than Just Posed Photographs

I don’t believe in forcing poses or rigid schedules. Instead, I work with the natural flow of your family, capturing candid moments of connection, laughter (yes, even newborns can spark laughter!), and the quiet tenderness that defines this special time.

Memories Etched in Time

The newborn stage is a fleeting whisper, a memory that dims with time. But through the art of photography, we can preserve these precious moments, turning them into keepsakes that will be cherished for generations to come. Let’s work together to capture the symphony of your family, a beautiful melody that deserves to be heard, seen, and remembered for a lifetime.

What do my newborn clients say about me?

Here are a few comments from previous customers:

Chloe said:

“I could not recommend summer enough! We had a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot for our little boy Romeo. Summer was so patient with Romeo and captured the most beautiful photos that we will treasure forever and we cannot thank her enough”.  

Holly said:

“I’ve had two photoshoots of my baby with Summer so far and both have been amazing! She manages to capture such lovely images and his personality shows in all photos, even when my son wasn’t well for his Christmas shoot. I’ve not been able to choose a favourite from any of the photos! I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet Summer through Baby Sensory and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture memories of my baby! Highly recommend! Can’t wait to book back in for my son’s birthday photoshoot!”

What Happens After Newborn Photography Session?

After we’ve completed your shoot, I’ll spend some time carefully editing and picking out the best images to add to your gallery.

Around 10 days later, you’ll receive an invitation to come into my studio for your ordering appointment. Here, you’ll be able to look through your photographs and select a package of digital and printed images. This is often quite an emotional experience (don’t worry, I have tissues!).

I’ll also show you sample products you might wish to purchase, including framed prints, canvases, and albums. 

Get In Touch To Book Your Photoshoot Package With An Experienced Newborn Photographer

I’m Summer, a professional photographer based in Edenfield, in the Rossendale Valley, UK. 

I’d love to be the one trusted to take your newborn photographs, so if this blog has convinced you to book it in, please get in touch!

I specialise in lifestyle and studio photography for families, as well as newborn photography, maternity shoots, and children’s cake smash sessions.

Thinking of someone else? I offer gift vouchers so you can encourage someone you love to record precious family moments with their little ones (and bigger ones!). 

Let’s get your shoot in the diary – drop me a line using the contact details here to find the best time and date to suit you..