Natural Baby Portraits are Windows to Your Past

Baby Photography – Simply White Portraits!

🖤 If you love natural, fresh looking baby portraits with no fuss, Simply White Baby Portraits are perfect for you! Natural, unposed photographs that capture all of the personality of your babies that you are going to adore looking at, especially when you babies begin to grow up so fast!

Gorgeous, natural baby photos you will treasure forever. 


There is something truly beautiful about natural baby portraits – photographing a baby in the simplest way, with minimal props. Just focusing on all that baby perfection with a natural portrait.

🖤Mum had a vision for this shoot, which we chatted about before the day. She knew that she wanted to display these in three very large frames side by side in her home.

🖤I loved the finished result so much that I too have these displayed in my studio because I absolutely adore this style.

🖤The vision was to create timeless memories that captured her baby just as he is now. Super smiley and happy. The focus was to be on his expressions and personality. What is not to love!

🖤She took inspiration from a programme she had seen on TV, that I too had watched. So, when she told me her vision, I knew it was going to be a fantastic session.

🖤What really draws me to this type of shot is the simplicity. Mum will be able to look at these memories in 10, 20 years time and just see her beautiful boy. No props, no distracting colours, and no forced poses. Just simple, natural expressions which you can see in his eyes.

🖤I love how you can see his little set of baby teeth and that adorable fine wispy baby hair.

Let’s chat about your natural baby portraits and let me help you to create your vision of just how you would love to capture your babies memories.

These sessions are suitable for babies from 6+ months upwards.

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