family lifestyle photography of children and parents on an outdoor photography shoot in Lancashire

Family Photography: Why Now Is The Time To Refresh Yours

In a world where we can capture every moment in an instant, is professional family photography still popular? The answer is a huge YES!

As a family and newborn photographer specialising in all kinds of family photographs, from natural location shoots to studio sessions, taking the time to create a lasting keepsake of your loved ones is such a special experience. 

So why should you prioritise a portrait photography session for your little gang? In my latest blog post, I’m sharing five reasons to get that shoot booked – trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

What Is Lifestyle Family Photography?

Family lifestyle photography is any kind of shoot that portrays you in a more natural way than a posed shoot that takes place in a studio setting.

This could be a walk in the woods, piggybacks on the beach, or a trip to the playground – whichever location you feel best sums up the spirit and personality of your family.

As an experienced professional photographer, I offer studio shoots as well as lifestyle shoots for families, so you can book whichever kind of session reflects you the most.

Should I Book An Indoor Or Outdoor Family Session?

This is completely up to you!

I have a Lancashire photography studio that’s perfect for indoor family portraits if you’d prefer a traditional style of photography – the kind you see posed in front of a white background – to add to your family gallery.

I also specialise in lifestyle shoots. Living in the beautiful Rossendale Valley I love shooting outdoors on a woodland walk – whether we’re chasing the perfect summer sunset or wrapping up to jump in those crunchy leaves in autumn colours.

Outdoor lifestyle shoots are a more informal, “behind the scenes” style of photography, while a studio shoot has that more “professional” feel – so it’s all down to your personal preference. 

Many of my family clients like to do both at different times of the year to have a varied collection of family moments.

5 Reasons To Book A Family Portrait

Shared moments

Have you ever had the most amazing family day out only to be disappointed the phone selfies you snapped didn’t reflect the magic of the memories you shared?

Or had a precious family gathering you didn’t want to ruin by whipping out your phone?

Having your family photos taken professionally is a great way to get your loved ones together for a shared experience you’ll look back on for a long time. 

Family portrait photography of three sisters shot in the Rossendale, Lancashire studio of Summer Johnston Photography

Making memories

It often feels like we have a jam-packed calendar of after-school clubs, activities, hobbies, homework, and social commitments, with little time left over for creating core memories.

This is what my clients love about taking time out to come for a photo shoot together.

Everyone shows up prepared to enjoy their time together – and the memories you make during your shoot become part of your unique story as a family.

Simply turn up, relax, laugh, and chat – I’ll create an intimate environment where you can feel comfortable being your real self while I capture your story.

Capturing connection

It’s hard to describe the relationships we have with our loved ones behind closed doors, isn’t it? Relating anecdotes to friends and family never quite gets across the true essence of your special family bond.

The hilarious things your kids come out with. The knowing looks you share with your partner. The tight-knit dynamic between siblings. 

When you come for a photo shoot together, it’s about capturing that connection you share so your personalities and bonds shine through the image. In years to come, you’ll look back on that moment in time, the ages your children were, and the way you interacted with each other and the pictures will remind you of that perfect time in your lives.

This is something your children will love to look back on as they grow up, too. 

Shine a light on different personalities 

Every family is full of real characters, and I’m absolutely positive yours is no different!

Who’s the joker in the family? Which of you loves to hug everyone? Is there someone who cries at everything? Who makes you feel truly heard when you tell them about your day?

A family shoot shines a light on all those different characteristics and how they all fit together to create your little family life.

If you tell me a bit about your family members before the shoot I can work around you and your vibe – this enables me to truly do your wonderful personalities justice in visual form!

Display your photo for everyday enjoyment

For my clients, one of the biggest reasons to book that shoot is to produce physical images you can not only treasure but actually display for once!

We’re all guilty of forgetting to print off phone photos (yes, even photographers!) so having beautiful images you can frame, display, and enjoy every day really does make you smile and brighten up your home.

 You can also have the digital images to save in case you want to print more copies for family members later on, so feel free to add this to your package.

Help! What If I Don’t Like Having My Photo Taken?

This is completely normal and most people feel the same way!

I’ll ask how you’re feeling and make sure you’re completely at ease, whether we’re in the studio or on location. That’s a big part of my job, so please don’t worry – I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make everyone feel totally comfortable and camera-ready, and this is something people often mention afterwards. Here are a few comments from previous customers:

Karen said:

“Over and above her abilities as a fantastic photographer, Summer is a lovely lady – calm, friendly, and able to put people totally at ease. I can honestly say the photo shoots were a pleasure rather than a stress, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her again. 

Sue said:

“Her professional and relaxed approach really puts you at ease and brings out the best of you in your photographs.”

What About Newborn And Maternity Shoots?

I also take beautiful images of the newborn and pregnancy phases, which can feel like they fly by!  Find out when is the best time to book your newborn in for a shoot, and read more about my newborn photography and maternity shoots.

Family portrait photography with newborn baby and parents shot in the Lancashire studio of Summer Johnston Photography

What Happens After My Family Portrait Photography Session?

After we’ve completed your shoot, I’ll spend some time carefully editing and picking out the best images to add to your family gallery.

Around 10 days later, you’ll receive an invitation to come into my studio for your ordering appointment. Here, you’ll be able to look through your photographs and select a package of digital and printed images. This is often quite an emotional experience (don’t worry, I have tissues!).

I’ll also show you sample products you might wish to purchase, including framed prints, canvases, and albums. 

Get In Touch To Book Your Photoshoot Package With An Experienced Family Photographer

I’m Summer, a professional photographer based in Edenfield, in the Rossendale Valley, UK. 

I’d love to be the one trusted to take your new favourite family pics, so if this blog has convinced you to book it in, please get in touch!

I’m happy to travel to your fave outdoor location, or we can shoot in the comfort of my welcoming studio close to Ramsbottom and Rawtenstall, with easy transport links from the rest of East Lancashire and Manchester.

I specialise in lifestyle and studio photography for families, as well as newborn photography, maternity shoots, and children’s cake smash sessions.

Thinking of someone else? I offer gift vouchers so you can encourage someone you love to record precious family moments with their little ones (and bigger ones!). 

Let’s get your shoot in the diary – drop me a line using the contact details here to find the best time and date to suit your brood.