Mums! This is you isn’t it?

    Family photos? This is you… You would love to book a family photo shoot for you and your babies for three main reasons (but you still haven’t!).   You are absent from most of your family photos because you are always the one taking them! No-one ever thinks

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How do you Choose the Right Photographer for You?

How do you Choose the Right Photographer for You? There are so many photographers to choose from right now, but how do you know which one is right for you? As a photographer myself, you won’t be surprised to hear that I love to get family photographs with a professional

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Newborn Photography – Oliver

Newborn Photography – Oliver! I welcomed baby Oliver and his new parents into my Rawtenstall studio recently for his newborn photography session! It was the first time I had met this family, but they already knew about me. I like to ask clients where they found me because it really

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Sleeping newborn baby in a basket

The Studio…and a little reflection

Taking a Big Step I can’t quite believe I am over three quarters of the way through my first year in my very own baby photography studio. If someone had told me two, or three years ago that I would be relocating my photography business to a studio space, theres

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three babies sleeping

Timeless Monochorome Baby Photos – Rawtenstall

Monochrome Baby Photos I am always drawn to black and white baby photos. Probably because I am less distracted by the colour and can just see the baby for what it is. A perfect little newborn.  During each newborn shoot, I like to ensure I capture a number of photographs

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Baby girl sleeping in cream fabrics and wooden bowl

Baby Photo Shoot- Rawtenstall, Lancashire

Newborn Photography Offering award-winning newborn photography in Rawtenstall, Lancashire. The excitement of welcoming a newborn baby into your family is like nothing else you will ever experience. Your baby is only this tiny for a very sort period of time and they soon uncurl and start to explore the world

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Siblings sat in a row smiling in colour

Sibling Photos

Sibling Photos What’s not to love about photographing a sibling shoot? I love to see how they interact with each other during a shoot. All with different personalities. It makes for a fun and interesting session.  Kelly booked a sibling shoot with me recently for her three daughters because they

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