Bury Newborn Photoshoot: Is it worth it?

Newborn Photos –  An Investment in Love and a Gift to Your Future Self

Those first few weeks with a newborn are a whirlwind. Sleep deprivation is your constant companion, laundry piles take on a life of their own, and a hot shower feels like the ultimate luxury. In the midst of this beautiful chaos, the idea of having newborn photos might seem daunting, especially if the thought of attempting to arrive somewhere in time seems impossible now! But as a newborn photographer who specialises in capturing these precious moments, let me tell you: newborn photos are more than just pretty pictures. It’s an investment in love, a way to freeze-frame a time that will forever hold a special place in your heart, and also certainty that you will never forget how tiny your baby was in those early days.

newborn photos of wide awake baby boy photograph

Photos of Your Little Miracle

Your newborn baby is one of nature’s little miracles – the perfect mix of mum and dad. They arrive curled up in the fetal position, and soon begin the process of uncurling day by day. With delicate features, like super soft skin, tiny fingers and toes that are works of intricate art, the softest downy hair. These are the details that get lost in the blur of those early weeks, the memories that fade with time. By choosing to have newborn photos, you know you can look at those perfect little toes and that gorgeous little button nose as many times as you like!

newborn photos os a baby boy in a wooly outfit

Posed Newborn Photos

Imagine this: years down the line, your tiny newborn is a blur of energy and independence. They’re running through the house, exploring the world around them, and providing you with a whole new set of jobs for your ever expanding to-do-list! You pull out those newborn photos and suddenly, you’re transported back in time. Now, you feel the warmth of that tiny body against yours, the weight of their head on your shoulder and you remember the vulnerability, the protectiveness, the overwhelming love that felt so new and all-encompassing. It’s no doubt that choosing to book newborn photos is a gift to your future self, a reminder of a time that will soon feel both distant and precious.

newborn photos of a sleeping baby boy

Beyond Smartphone Photos

There will always be a place for you to take some sweet moments on your phone, but professional newborn photos offer a different kind of memory. It allows you to be fully present in the moment, a time to relax and watch as I work with your baby and family, and record this amazing time in your family. As newborn photographers, we create a safe and warm environment specifically designed for your baby’s comfort. I have the expertise and experience to quiet a fussy little one and coax out those perfect, sleepy smiles and achieve this perfect newborn photos. I know how to manipulate light and create stunning compositions, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

newborn photo of a baby boy sleeping in a tiny bed on a green mattress

The Newborn Baby Whisperer

Newborns can be unpredictable bundles of joy, they have their own unique rhythms, feeding schedules, and sleep patterns. Trying to recreate those picture-perfect newborn photos on your own can be difficult. Like any trained skill, as a seasoned newborn photographer, I understand the nuances of your tiny human. I’ve honed my skills over countless sessions, learning to read their cues and work with their needs. I have a toolbox full of tricks up my sleeve to soothe a fussy baby, from strategic white noise to gentle swaddling techniques. I know how to create a calm and nurturing environment, one that promotes relaxation and a lovely first family experience with your new addition.

newborn photo os a baby girl with a knitted bonnet

A Family Heirloom, Not Just a Photo 

The investment in newborn photos goes beyond the immediate gratification of beautiful images. These photographs become cherished family heirlooms, a bridge between generations. Imagine showing your child these photos when they come of age, explaining the emotions you felt when you first met them. Imagine them sharing these images with their own children, creating a visual legacy of love and family. The cost may seem daunting in the moment, but the value these photographs hold over time is truly immeasurable.

newborn photo os a baby girl in a floral prop

What Happens After Newborn Photography Session?

After we’ve completed your shoot, I’ll spend some time carefully editing and picking out the best images to add to your gallery.

Around 10 days later, you’ll receive an invitation to come into my studio for your ordering appointment. Here, you’ll be able to look through your photographs and select a package of digital and printed images. This is often quite an emotional experience (don’t worry, I have tissues!).

I’ll also show you sample products you might wish to purchase, including framed prints, canvases, and albums. 

What do my newborn clients say about me?Here are a few comments from previous customers:

Chloe said:

“I could not recommend summer enough! We had a maternity shoot and a newborn shoot for our little boy Romeo. Summer was so patient with Romeo and captured the most beautiful photos that we will treasure forever and we cannot thank her enough”.

Holly said:

“I’ve had two photoshoots of my baby with Summer so far and both have been amazing! She manages to capture such lovely images and his personality shows in all photos, even when my son wasn’t well for his Christmas shoot. I’ve not been able to choose a favourite from any of the photos!
I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet Summer through Baby Sensory and I wouldn’t trust anyone else to capture memories of my baby! Highly recommend!
Can’t wait to book back in for my son’s birthday photoshoot!”


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