Lemon drizzles slices shot from above

Beginners DSLR course

Who is it for?

I have recently released a beginners course which is perfect for those who own a DSLR camera but would love to know how to use it of the ‘auto’ settings. Aimed at beginners, I will explain how your camera’s settings work together to expose an image, and how you can use the camera in manual mode to alter the outcome of your photograph depending on the look you are trying to create. 

We all know that cameras are clever pieces of kit, so the cameras auto settings will, of course, ensure a correctly exposed image. But, often, we have a picture in mind that we want to achieve when we press the shutter button. So, using our cameras on automatic means we have little control over how we achieve it that image.

On this beginners course, I will show you how to use your camera’s settings to correctly expose an image using natural light, both indoors and out. But, at the same time, creating the look you want. Also, I will explain how you can find and use the best light, and how simple items you have in your home can be used to help control, and enhance, the light.

When is it taking place?

I have released three dates for 2020. Each date has six available places and runs from 10am – 3pm with a light lunch included. The dates are as follows:

  • Saturday 28th March 2020
  • Saturday 27th June 2020
  • Saturday 10th October 2020

The cost of the course is £99 and is payable in advance to secure your place.

What can you create?

The images below were created in my home using natural light and choosing simple items, displayed in a creative way.

Kiwi on crate shot in natural light

Kiwi shot in natural light

I shot these kiwi pictures in the same place in my house. By showing you how to use different angles, you create a very different look.

Peony shot in natural light

Peonies are my favourite flowers so it was only right that I photographed them. I used a crate on front of my living room window to place the stem on. 

Sweetheart cabbage shot on white table

How awesome is the shape of this sweetheart cabbage ? This was very simple to create using some white card to stand it on. 

Apple cut in half to show start shape of seeds

Sometimes, just thinking about something in a different way can create something cool. A friend of mine told me that cutting an apple the ‘wrong’ way creates this amazing star shape. I love it!

Old blue door of an old building

Those who know me well know that I love a good door. This door lives in our village and I think it’s fab. It tells a story and I love how worn out it looks. 

Taking pictures of your loved ones will follow the same rules. It’s easy when you know how!

Would like to use your camera with more creativity,? Want to understand how the settings will alter the outcome of an image?  Then this is the perfect course for you. You can book via email by visiting my website